Trains 2012…video installation @ House Gallery, Camberwell, London

Rita Jack’s Lament 2011….live audiovisual performance from Elysian Quartet one day festival of experimental music and video, Hackney Wick, London

Mayday 2010….collaboration with Italian Giuseppe Torres, shown at the Visions From The Future 2011 film festivals in Belgrade and Turin and Sonoimagenes 2010 Festival in Buenos Aires

Installation piece for Lost Shadows Festival, Berlin 2006…based on the work David Tudor, built using found 8-foot long pieces of steel (x  5), 4 pieces were suspended by steel thread from the four walls.  From these four pieces was suspended a fifth piece, thus unifying the 5 pieces to form a bizarre but beautiful sounding instrument.  40 alarm clocks, collected over 2 weeks from various Berlin flea markets and dumps served to act as exciters for the instrument.  It was presented in complete darkness which was convenient as i meant I could sleep there while people came to look at it.