Pub Rocker & Guitar Slinger

I’m an Irish Musician and Songwriter based in London. I write my own material and release it on Fence Records, a Scottish Label based in Fife, which is what the rest of this website is about. But in a former life I played music in bars across the world, covers mostly, because people in pubs want to enjoy themselves, not listen to my woeful tales of life. I have a broad repertoire of lively songs made famous by international artists and Irish artists like Christy Moore, The Dubliners and Thin Lizzy. I don’t charge the earth and I’m taking bookings for 2013, email

Have a listen to the track below to hear what happens when I slip on an American accent, one of my favourite Johnny Cash songs, ‘Two Timing Woman’…

(try this link if the player above doesn’t work)
Two Timing Woman by Johnny Cash