Hard to believe, but in less than two weeks I’ll be jumping on the Eurostar to Amsterdam for the first of 15 shows in Europe.  What began as an accidental show in a house in Vienna has ballooned into an epic tour of Europe’s smallest venues and nicest living rooms.  That the route traces out the exact shape of a mole’s head is entirely coincidental, but its welcome coincidence none the less.   Its a solo tour although I will hopefully be joined by my brother for a few shows and I’m delighted to be opening for my old pal James Yorkston in Zurich.  I’m going to list all the shows here but its probably best just to swing on over to the gigs section of this here website for more details…if any of the listings are looking a bit sketchy its because we’re just finalizing the details, and my 6 figure fee, but feel free to email me at

That the tour traces out the shape of a mole's head is purely a coincidence

In other news, I’ve just finished eating a horrible blueberry muffin on board a London-bound train from Cardiff where I played last night in a sweaty little basement as part of the Made In Roath festival.  If you find yourself in Cardiff, which isn’t such a bad thing, take a stroll around (follow this map) and marvel at how a few people can transform the drab urban landscape that forms the backdrop to the lives of the many.  Oh yes, I am converted and loading up on spray cans as soon as I arrive in London and my tag name will be The Mad Mole of Medjugorje.  Thursday was Edinburgh for a showcase with The Pictish Trail and everyone else residing on the mighty Lost Map label roster and Tuesday saw us opening for my friend Lisa O’Neill at the London launch of her brilliant new album…as I recall its been a good week and a pleasure to be in such fine musical company.  And the muffin, well it had no actual blueberries in it, just a core made out of horrible blue sticky shite.  But I ate it.  And the train manager has just announced that the signalman has been hit by lightning (he’s fine) and we’ll be delayed for at least a week.

Cardiff squirrel*, photograph of a blueberry muffin and a still from my spectacular visual show

And I spent a good chunk of September compiling a quite bizarre selection of God Damn You Mountain remixes, alternative versions, out takes and general weirdness to be released soon under the provisional title The Outhouse Takes…more news on this soon

* the squirrel was actually drawn by this guy

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