My album was officially re-released yesterday on Lost Map Records!  As is the custom these days, this edition includes a bonus disc of remixes and the likes, which I really like (and you can buy separately here) .  Follow the magic link (magic link) to find out a bit more about where it all came from and how it can enhance your life…every house should have one.  So why did I not announce this yesterday?  Well I was making my way back to London after a monumental session in Clonakilty to mark the last show of my tour with Lisa O’Neill and from there I had to make my way to a rehearsal studio to practice with the gang for next week’s shows.  And then I went to bed.  Huge thanks to Lisa O’Neill and all the crew for a wonderful tour, must say I’m really excited about London and Reading  shows next week, so cool to hear what a few amazing musicians can bring to these songs of mine.  Here’s some pics concerning all the above topics (and a video that I’m making, several weeks too late, about my album)

The new, super-luxury edition of my album on Lost Map
Me & Aram rehearsing for next week's show...Emma hiding behind camera
Me destroying Daniel 'merch-man' O'Neill with Mossy Nolan looking on in awe, taken by legend Mic Geraghty
Still from up-coming 'making of' video


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