Live at El Lokal

I haven’t posted anything on here for nearly a year, why now?  Well a lot of stuff has happened and a lot of stuff is happening, just lots of stuff really.  To help pay for all this stuff (new release, video, flying multiple instruments and their players across the Irish Sea and around the UK, cat food etc) I’ve unearthed a rather splendid live recording of myself and my brother John playing a set together in Zurich back in November 2013, opening for one James Yorkston.  It was towards the end of a tour, show number 14 of 15 as I recall, and the brother was on fire, unleashing torrents of accordion on the unsuspecting Swiss public…marvelous.  As if that wasn’t enough, each cover is individually hand-painted – very collectable, ohhhh yessss.  The design is a homage to the national monument of Switzerland, the humble Toblerone.

Limited to approx. 25, looking for £10 a pop (excluding postage), via paypal –  just send an email to with your name and your address and we’ll go from there…click on the bottom image to see full tracklisting

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