It’s happening, a real show (2 shows actually – an early show at 18:00/later show at 20:00) in one of my very favourite venues in London!!!  See below for ticket details

LIVE: SEAMUS FOGARTY (socially distanced) - Oslo


…and here is a short blurb I wrote about it:

‘When I chatted with Domino about scheduling this album for release last November, we knew there was a chance that the launch wouldn’t be the usual red carpet affair.  But, ever the optimist, I went ahead and released it anyways.  6 months later and the red carpet is finally being rolled out for a launch of sorts in London’s Oslo on June 11th

Buried beneath the noise and the religious poetry and the stage invaders there’s an album of songs that are as personal as any I’ve written and I’m really, really excited to find out how it all translates into a full live show…all in front of a real audience!  There’s even talk of rehearsals happening, joy. Join us on June 11th’

Seamus Fogarty May 2021

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Singer of songs, writer of wrongs