And the Oscar for best soundtrack goes to….

….not quite but nearly.  The short film ‘Islanders Rest’, which I composed and performed much of the music for, is nominated in the Best Animation Film category at the Swiss Film Awards.  Its directed by Claudius Gentinetta and Incidentally it did win the award for Best Soundtrack (Swiss category) at the 2015 International Animated Film Festival in Geneva.…just throwing that in there.  Check out the wonderful trailer, coming to film festival near you…




One of The Guardian’s Gigs of 2015? Don’t mind if I do…

‘The smell of woodsmoke and a woman dancing in the window’….

So begins Laura Barton’s description of a show myself and my buddy Rozi Plain put on in 33 Chatsworth Road (also known in these parts as ‘The Dentist‘) back in December.  I saw Laura speak about music at last year’s Port Elliott Festival and she’s as passionate about it as anyone I’ve ever heard so very honoured that she chose to write about this show – that it appears as part of The Guardian’s Gigs of 2015 is a definite bonus, oh yes

Poster from that fateful night…..By R Plain

Here’s a link to the article in full….scroll down to the bottom for our bit

And for those that couldn’t be arsed, here’s the last paragraph….

‘Music at such proximity has a kind of warmth, and that night Fogarty and Plain’s songs – already beautiful and supple things, took on for me a new depth and tenderness. And as I watched I thought of how the inside of this little venue seemed an echo of its backyard: that here we stood, gathered together around this musical bonfire, feeling its glow.’

Now where are my gigs for 2016?

Lest we forget…

Some reviews of Ducks & Drakes

Thank you Mojo Magazine, a mention of Richard Dawson ain’t no bad thing either…


…and while I’m at it, this is not a review but I think it should be noted….a few months ago in the same publication, words by guru of blips & bleeps Jon Hopkins….WHAT A GUY



‘Each track is beguiling in its own right, but the ten-minute long A Mile Beneath the Broken Heart of London Town warrants special mention for the way it draws together all of Fogarty’s best qualities: lyrics that spin stories from the smallest of details, song structures that freely meander without getting lost, and production that balances the rough with the smooth beautifully’ ****

full review here

Now go an buy it, please, and I’ll have some gigs too, cheers, S

Listen up….

Limited edition vinyl – not a huge amount left. On the other hand there are plenty of downloads left – Go on, go on, go on

‘Ducks & Drakes’ – New EP/Video

Finally some new material – a four-track EP/mini-album called Ducks & Drakes, coming out on Lost Map . I’ve been working on these tunes on and off since 2011 and its great to be setting them free.  We started sending out promos this week and already its been played by Gideon Coe & Tom Ravenscroft on 6Music and Max Rheinhardt on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction  – its already my most successful release EVER.  To mark the occasion I commissioned Drew Dir of Manual Cinema (who I worked with this year on a project for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) to make a video for the title track and here it is – it’ll blow your socks off.  Big shout out to Nialler9 for premiering the video here


Live at El Lokal

I haven’t posted anything on here for nearly a year, why now?  Well a lot of stuff has happened and a lot of stuff is happening, just lots of stuff really.  To help pay for all this stuff (new release, video, flying multiple instruments and their players across the Irish Sea and around the UK, cat food etc) I’ve unearthed a rather splendid live recording of myself and my brother John playing a set together in Zurich back in November 2013, opening for one James Yorkston.  It was towards the end of a tour, show number 14 of 15 as I recall, and the brother was on fire, unleashing torrents of accordion on the unsuspecting Swiss public…marvelous.  As if that wasn’t enough, each cover is individually hand-painted – very collectable, ohhhh yessss.  The design is a homage to the national monument of Switzerland, the humble Toblerone.

Limited to approx. 25, looking for £10 a pop (excluding postage), via paypal –  just send an email to with your name and your address and we’ll go from there…click on the bottom image to see full tracklisting

Cambridge Folk Festival

Yay, two festivals coming up…in July there’s Howlin Fling alongside the likes of Beth Orton  Sam Amidon, Jens Lekman, Alexis Taylor, Luke Abbot and my Lost Map chums.  Its  on the Isle Of Eigg – a strange and mystical place, shaped more like an inverted kidney, somewhere in the middle of the Hebrides, up yonder Scotland way.

And then on Sunday 4th August I’m playing at Cambridge Folk Festival on The Den Stage – thats the Festival’s Emerging Talent Stage….OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a photo of some ducks


My album was officially re-released yesterday on Lost Map Records!  As is the custom these days, this edition includes a bonus disc of remixes and the likes, which I really like (and you can buy separately here) .  Follow the magic link (magic link) to find out a bit more about where it all came from and how it can enhance your life…every house should have one.  So why did I not announce this yesterday?  Well I was making my way back to London after a monumental session in Clonakilty to mark the last show of my tour with Lisa O’Neill and from there I had to make my way to a rehearsal studio to practice with the gang for next week’s shows.  And then I went to bed.  Huge thanks to Lisa O’Neill and all the crew for a wonderful tour, must say I’m really excited about London and Reading  shows next week, so cool to hear what a few amazing musicians can bring to these songs of mine.  Here’s some pics concerning all the above topics (and a video that I’m making, several weeks too late, about my album)

The new, super-luxury edition of my album on Lost Map
Me & Aram rehearsing for next week's show...Emma hiding behind camera
Me destroying Daniel 'merch-man' O'Neill with Mossy Nolan looking on in awe, taken by legend Mic Geraghty
Still from up-coming 'making of' video


Ireland, UK….the world?

Quick announcement to say that I am heading around Ireland in less than two weeks to open for my good friend Lisa O’Neill on no less than 7 different occasions…I fly to Derry on the 12th of february, then its on to Dundalk & Dublin and then westwards to Limerick, Galway, Cork & Clonakilty. Then its back to London for to prepare for my own UK tour in March and some rehearsals with Geese

tour outline lisa
Mapping out my tour with Lisa O'Neill revealed that it looks a bit like a bird attacking London

All the dates are listed below but you can find more info about the shows, tickets etc here.  Regarding the UK tour, all these shows are going to be slightly different, some solo, some with the marvelous Geese as my backing band (London & Reading), a double header with Adam from Randolph’s Leap in Glasgow, a super intimate unplugged show inside a washing emporium in Durham, a show with my pals James Yorkston & The Pictish Trail in Edinburgh…go and buy some tickets or they’ll never have me back.



@ Sandino’s, Derry, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Whelan’s, Dublin, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Bourke’s, Limerick, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Cypress Avenue, Cork, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ DeBarra’s, Clonakilty, Ireland (w/ Lisa O’Neill)

@ Servants Jazz Quarters, London, UK

@ South Street Arts, Reading, UK

@ The Pleasance, Edinburgh, UK (w/ James Yorkston + The Pictish Trail)

@ The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, UK (w/ Randolph’s Leap, Adam solo)

@ Old Cinema Laundrette, Durham, UK


As if it wasn’t deluxe enough the first time it was released, follow this link to find out about the brand spanking new double cd reissue of my debut album, available now from Lost Map Records

‘But I already own the album’…..

Yes, yes, thanks for buying it, follow the link below to buy the bonus material it postcard format below for £1, yes, £1

And see what the Irish Times thinks of it all…

The sheep