Ireland & UK Autumn Shows

Irish dates in October & Decemember opening for the legend that is Lisa O’Neill.

Oct 5 – Town Hall Theatre, Galway
Oct 6 – Dolans Warehouse, Limerick
Oct 7 – The Everyman, Cork
Oct 8 – Set Theatre, Kilkenny
Dec 5 – Sandinos, Derry
Dec 7 – Empire, Belfast
Dec 9 – Vicar Street, Dublin

Head over to Lisa’s page for ticket links ( UK tour with Lisa (see post below) was one of my favorite ever musical jaunts…every date sold out, phew!!!

Solo UK shows are happening in September/October, just finalizing dates. Email if you want to get in on the act

Actually before there’s two shows with my old Lost Map crew & Daylight Music in London and Faversham on July 15/16th…here’s the poster…London tickets (….Faversham tickets (

March ’23 UK Tour with Lisa O’Neill

DELIGHTED to be hitting the road this March with the Legendary Lisa O’Neill…dates below. I have neglected the website a bit since the last tour but lots of lovely shows have happened in the meantime and looking forward to finishing a new batch of tunes real soon. I’ll add these shows to gig page asap but for now you can swing on over to Lisa’s page for ticket info…

Seamus Fogarty UK Tour August 17th- 24th, 2021

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m going on tour this August.  Old tunes, new tunes with the odd yarn thrown in for good measure and as much sonic mayhem as I can muster, imagine the splendor of Elvis’ comeback show in Las Vegas relocated to Exeter, Guildford etc and you’ll start to get an idea of what to expect…ticket info here

Photo by Dan Wilton


It’s happening, a real show (2 shows actually – an early show at 18:00/later show at 20:00) in one of my very favourite venues in London!!!  See below for ticket details

LIVE: SEAMUS FOGARTY (socially distanced) - Oslo

…and here is a short blurb I wrote about it:

‘When I chatted with Domino about scheduling this album for release last November, we knew there was a chance that the launch wouldn’t be the usual red carpet affair.  But, ever the optimist, I went ahead and released it anyways.  6 months later and the red carpet is finally being rolled out for a launch of sorts in London’s Oslo on June 11th

Buried beneath the noise and the religious poetry and the stage invaders there’s an album of songs that are as personal as any I’ve written and I’m really, really excited to find out how it all translates into a full live show…all in front of a real audience!  There’s even talk of rehearsals happening, joy. Join us on June 11th’

Seamus Fogarty May 2021


Its called A BAG OF EYES and its my second for Domino Records, its coming out NOVEMBER 6th and I’m very proud of it.  Pre-order it on limited edition violet coloured vinyl from Domino Mart:  Look how nice it is!!! 

The album was recorded over two years and features Emma Smith, Meilyr Jones, Leo Abrahams, Aram Zarikian & John Fogarty amongst others.  I’ve got lots more to say about it but for now check out our vid below to hear the first single Johnny K.


I’m busy trying to finish a new album but still some time to make my annual post.  In the meantime, here’s a remix I did for my pal Arborist, just to keep you going…more news soon.




More February European Dates Added….AND…A New Video

Delighted to announce a bunch of German dates have been added to our European tour next February, and we’ve just released a new video for The Old Suit…see full list of dates and ticket links  below…TICKETS ON SALE TOMORROW


Mon 4th Feb – Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne Tickets

Wed 6th Feb – Privatclub, Berlin Tickets

Thurs 7th Feb – Ostpol, Dresden Tickets

Fri 8th Feb – Laboratorium, Stuttgart Tickets

Sat 9th Feb – Antigel Festival, Geneva Tickets

Mon 11th Feb – El Lokal, Zurich Tickets

Wed 13th Feb – Le Carmen, Paris Free show

Thurs 14th Feb – Witlof Bar, Botanique, Brussels Tickets

Fri 15th Feb – Tuinzaal, Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam Tickets

Sat 16th Feb – Molen De Ster, Utrecht Tickets

New EP coming out on Domino Records in November, European dates for February

Delighted to announce some new music and some new shows coming very soon. First the new music…its an EP, it’s called The Old Suit, and it will be released on November 2nd.  Here’s the title track – started it on my own, brought over the finish line by one Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) on mixing and additional production with added strings by Emma Smith…A SERIOUS CREW

Pre-order the digital EP here:

And before you go, there’s the small matter of a European tour coming up in February to discuss – this is addition to November’s UK & Ireland tour announced below…here’s 5 to get you started, more coming 

Mon 11-Feb;  Zurich @ El Lokal; 

Wed 13-Feb; Paris @ Le Carmen; Free Show

Thu 14th-Feb; Brussels @ Botanique, Witlof Bar;

Fri 15-Feb; Amsterdam @ Paradiso Noord, Tuinzaal

Sat 16-Feb; Utrecht @ Molen de Ster


I’m thoroughly exhausted after a momentous trip to Greenman Festival but needless to say I’m very excited to announce that this is happening in the autumn …full band…see ‘shows’ above for more info.  Also delighted to have Culture Ireland onboard for this tour – thank you for the support